2023 LEGO Advent Calendars: The Christmas Eve Reveal

Christmas Eve brings the grand finale to our LEGO advent calendar series. As we unveil the last surprises from each themed calendar, join us for a festive summary of the day’s treasures.

LEGO City: Santa Claus Arrives To wrap up the City calendar, Santa Claus makes a grand entry with his intricately designed dual-moulded legs. This festive figure is a classic end to the City advent journey, adding a touch of jolly to the final day.

LEGO Friends: Dachshund Delight The Friends calendar may have had a menagerie throughout December, but the adorable Dachshund on the last day is a heart-stealer. This little pup adds a dose of cuteness and rounds off the set nicely.

LEGO Harry Potter: A Snowy Surprise It’s a white Christmas at Hogwarts with the arrival of a charming LEGO snowman. This frosty addition gives a magical end to the Harry Potter calendar, celebrating the season’s joy.

LEGO Star Wars: Festive Ewok Our final Star Wars figure is none other than a festively dressed Ewok, bringing a unique touch of the Force to the holidays. This character offers a whimsical twist on the traditional Star Wars narrative.

LEGO Marvel: Holiday Centerpiece Marvel’s advent concludes with a Christmas tree, complete with a clever groundsheet for pine needle capture and a tesseract for a sparkling topper. This build adds a superhero touch to the holiday decor.

Summarized Thoughts on Each Calendar

LEGO City had a consistent run, with a mix of festive figures and scene-setting pieces that culminated in Santa’s welcome appearance.

LEGO Friends offered an array of animals, culminating in the darling Dachshund, which provided a sweet end to a diverse collection.

LEGO Harry Potter enchanted us with a mix of magical builds, with the snowman as a delightful endnote to a calendar filled with wizarding wonder.

LEGO Star Wars surprised us pleasantly with the Ewok, adding to a series of creative and fun intergalactic festive figures.

LEGO Marvel fluctuated throughout the season but finished strong with a Christmas tree that’s bound to be a fan favorite.

In conclusion, each calendar had its highs and lows, with Star Wars consistently delivering excitement, and the others showcasing a range of engaging builds. As we say goodbye to the 2023 advent series, we at Brothers Brick wish you a joyful holiday season filled with LEGO fun. Share your thoughts on the calendars in the comments, and look forward to more LEGO adventures in 2024!

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