Review of LEGO Creator 31156: Tropical Ukulele

The LEGO Creator 3-in-1 theme continues to charm with its diverse array of models, and the latest addition, the Tropical Ukulele, is no exception. Perfect for those pining for a slice of summer during the winter months, this set offers a delightful escape to the tropics. The 31156: Tropical Ukulele set consists of 387 pieces and retails for US $29.99 | CAN $39.99 | UK £24.99, available from January 1st.

Packaging and Contents

The set is presented in a tall, beach-themed box, true to its tropical motif, complete with the Creator 3-in-1 branding. It teases the builder with images of the primary build—a ukulele—alongside its alternate builds: a surfboard and a playful dolphin. The back of the box displays these three builds from various angles, tempting the imagination.

Inside, builders will find three numbered bags of parts, a bag for the larger elements, and the ukulele’s rubber ‘strings,’ with a pleasant surprise of an extra string included.

The Build

The construction process is intuitive and satisfying, starting with a sturdy core and progressing to the curved body that gives the ukulele its iconic look. Light azure and light nougat elements are used throughout, adding a bright and playful color scheme to the model. The set cleverly incorporates unique parts and techniques to achieve the ukulele’s shape and features, including the attachment point for the strings.

The Display

Once complete, the ukulele stands proudly on a simple yet elegant stand, adorned with small flowers, adding to its display-worthy charm. The color scheme, while unexpected for a wooden instrument, is consistent with the set’s vibrant and tropical theme.

Final Thoughts

The LEGO Creator 31156: Tropical Ukulele is a delightful build that doubles as an eye-catching display piece. Its appeal may be specific, but with the alternate surfboard model, it’s sure to capture the hearts of a broader audience. Beyond its aesthetic value, it serves as an excellent parts pack, especially for those keen on curved pieces and colorful tiles. While it may not match a real ukulele’s size, the detail and proportions bring a realistic touch to this miniature tropical delight.

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