Welcoming the New Year with a LEGO Joker’s Grin

As the new year rolls in, celebrations vary wildly – some indulge in festive parties with their loved ones or perhaps an adventurous stranger, while others might find themselves dozing off on the sofa as midnight approaches. Regardless of how you welcomed the new year, the hope is that it brought a smile to your face, much like Pascal Hetzel’s impressive LEGO Joker figure.

This LEGO rendition of the infamous Joker, known for his chaotic antics in Gotham, from plotting grand schemes to pranking Batman in the most unexpected ways, always sports a grin. This iconic smile has been interpreted in various ways, often attributed to a disturbing encounter with toxic chemicals or a traumatic experience leaving him with a permanent “Glasgow Smile.” It’s a drastic leap from the more benign reasons we find ourselves smiling.

Interestingly, this isn’t Pascal’s first large-scale Joker model. We showcased his earlier creation in 2020, and comparing it with his latest work highlights the evolution of his building technique. The new figure isn’t exactly a “Maxifig” but something unique in its own right. Regardless of its classification, this latest Joker figure by Pascal is undeniably engaging and a fun addition to any LEGO or Batman enthusiast’s collection.

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